THIS DAY IN HISTORY April 19, 1943: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Began

These women were members of the Jewish resistance. On right is Malka Zdrojewicz who survived the Majdanek extermination camp. In center is Bluma Wyszogrodzka who was shot and killed and on left is Rachela Wyszogrodzka (gassed in Auschwitz) or Rukhele Lauschvits. Source: Meczenstwo Walka, National Archives.

#tdih 1943, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began when Nazi forces attempted to clear out the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, Poland, to send them to concentration camps.

The Germans were met by gunfire from Jewish resistance fighters who held off the Nazis for 28 days before Warsaw was demolished and they were sent to concentration camps.

How might history have changed if other countries had come to their aid? Read more below.


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