THIS DAY IN HISTORY April 18, 1959: Students Petition and March for Integrated Schools

#tdih 1959: High school and college students marched on Washington, D.C. to demand implementation of the Brown v. Board Supreme Court ruling.



Save $$ on Prescriptions with FamilyWize

Save $$ on Prescriptions
United Way partners with FamilyWize to provide you with prescription savings. Take your prescription, along with our card or app, to a participating pharmacy and ask for the lowest possible price. Download the app or visit

to learn more.

Read 2019 Impact Report – Find out how much community benefit United Way brings to Allegan County

Live United Impact Report
Read Allegan County United Way’s 2019 Impact Report to discover how we work with community partners to make an impact in the areas of education, financial stability and health.
Find out how much community benefit United Way brings to Allegan County.

Allegan County United Way Invites You To Host a Little Free Library

Host a Little Free Library

Your organization is invited to host one of United Way’s Little Free Libraries, which are part of our new Early Learning Initiative.

As part of the initiative, United Way is also planning to expand the Little Free Libraries pilot program to become county-wide by the spring of 2019. The little free libraries are produced by United Way, with the help of volunteers, and in partnership with local schools and businesses. The libraries create access points to reading materials in key locations all around Allegan County.

CLICK HERE to view a map of United Way Little Free Libraries in Allegan County.

We will supply a Little Free Library to anyone interested in hosting one.

Sign up to host a Little Free Library

1. CLICK HERE to download the Steward Agreement.

Please sign and return to: Allegan County United Way, c/o Susan Henderson, 650 Grand St. Allegan, MI 49010

2. We will contact you about timing and to set up a pickup time.

3. CLICK HERE to sponsor a Little Free Library.

Thank you for increasing access to books in our community!

Melinda Gates and the Blindness of Privilege


Last Sunday, the New York Times Magazine published an interview—David Marchese talking with Melinda Gates—about the enormous power of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for shaping our lives.  Marchese asks Ms. Gates directly about the Gates Foundation’s role in driving today’s neoliberal public education policy. Doesn’t a giant foundation—“Its endowment at $50.7 billion… the largest in the world.”—have an outsized impact on social policy? “What about the notion that the foundation’s work on an issue like public education is inherently antidemocratic?  You’ve spent money in that area in a way that maybe seems like it’s crowding out people’s actual wants in that area. What’s your counter to that criticism?”

Ms. Gates cheerfully counters his critique: “Bill and I always go back to ‘What is philanthropy’s role?’ It is to be catalytic. It’s to try and put new ideas forward and test them and see if they work. If you…

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