LeBron James’ I Promise Public School Supports Rising Achievement Among Akron, OH’s Poorest Children


LeBron James understands that 90 percent of American children and adolescents are enrolled in public schools. He knows that if you want to support the education of America’s poorest children, you’ll have to do it by improving the experiences of students and teachers in the public schools in our nation’s poorest neighborhoods. Erica Green’s NY Times report on LeBron James’ school in Akron, Ohio, his hometown, is inspiring and measured.  It isn’t the story of some kind of one-year, impossible school turnaround, the kind we’ve been led to expect by federal laws and programs like No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top.  Instead it is the bottom-up story of someone who himself experienced educational failure as a young child, figuring out a way to give back.

Now a star in the NBA, LeBron James missed 83 days of school in the fourth grade. He understands that school improvement…

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