Let’s Clean Up Michigan! –   By Bill Cobbs, Democrat for Governor 

I’m not a politician.

Politicians tell people what they want to hear. Politicians find ways to take credit for minimal progress.

I am a citizen running for Governor. I feel it is okay that I’m just a citizen. Perhaps we need a Governor committed to working in the people’s interest.

That would be me.

I have worked hard, and I know what it means to serve my country. I remember when Michigan was called a Water Winter Wonderland. Today, it’s called Pure Michigan, and Congress told our Governor to his face on national television that there was nothing further from the truth.I hope that you will excuse my frankness, and desire to state what I see, just as I see it, rather than talk to you through a million dollar Media Specialist. Please excuse my occasional typo.

My press person hasn’t resigned after participating in a disaster. I admit, I haven’t had any shake-ups of my spokesmen, at all.

My grammar is fine, I just have very big fingers and my phone is small. I am so upset about the status quo in my state, I have committed the sin of pushing POST before I proofread. We have a lot of work to do to clean up this state.

Currently, we have a state unemployment rate of approximately 4.5 percent. The state population is slightly under 9.9 million.

Yet, experts tell me that in some neighborhoods, the unemployment rate is closer to 40%. We have massive infrastructure issues across the state. Roads, bridges, water, you name it. Putting our government in the hands of one man has been a disaster.

That man being a billionaire, Dick DeVos, the heir to Amway.I like Amway, and I’ve known many people who’ve started an Amway distributorship. However, I don’t like the way that Dick DeVos has wielded his power over other citizens in our State.

Those in Lansing, who are working for DeVos, say they are waiting for Washington to pass a national infrastructure bill. They will tell you that we can’t afford to fix our problems until then.

So they kick the can down the road and give themselves a pat on the back.

Flint, Michigan is the first example of that disaster, but it will not be the last.As the next Governor of Michigan, I will enter office with a statewide approach to refreshing every component of our infrastructure. We will finance it through long-term municipal bonds.

This infrastructure program will accomplish building a 21st-century model and allow us to dramatically decrease our statewide unemployment numbers.Tackling our infrastructure issues will be long term.

We have allowed so much decay over the decades. What would a wife say if a husband took the garbage out just once? What would happen if you only changed your oil once? In the same way, maintenance of our infrastructure must be routine and ongoing.

The benefit is that we will be able to create employment opportunities for Michiganders. Based on statistics from the US labor department, these jobs would pay a mean hourly wage of $17.50, which would provide a higher standard of living than that which exists in our largest city today.Another benefit is that we will help restore our state to the Water/Winter Wonderland we remember.

Our children should experience that kind of Michigan too. Right now Michigan is becoming a dump.

We worry about toxic spills and our recycling is half the national average. Our pop bottle law is a model program, but our landfills are now nearly full with everything that isn’t a bottle.

Rats are on the news in city after city: Wyandotte, Flint, Hamtramck, Fenton, Allen Park, and St. Claire Shores to name a few.The people who tell you that cleaning up our state is not feasible or affordable are the same people who are using our tax dollars to criminally defend themselves.

They are the people who created the circumstances we face: Floods on major highways every time it rains. Legionella in the pipes. Pipes spilling toxic waste into our rivers. Rivers used as drinking water. Drinking water poisoning children.

Raw sewage taking over Lake St. Claire.

Wildlife laying eggs in garbage.

Landfills which import more municipal waste, industrial waste and construction debris from Ohio and Canada, than from the county where they are located!Under Dick DeVos’ political rule of Lansing, our Governor was named the worst leader in the world by Forbes and the United Nations cited him with Human Rights violations.

It’s time to go in another direction.

As a citizen, I want better and I know many other citizens who want better.

As I meet people across the state, I am amazed how similar we are. They say our nation is divided, but from barbershops to coffee shops, Michiganders I meet share many concerns.

Citizens express their concern for our future, for our infrastructure, for the people of Flint, for our Great Lakes, and for our schools. I have heard stories of citizens’ triumph over adversity, speaking up in the face of retaliation by Emergency Managers, and teachers standing up for students who have no one else. I am encouraged and strengthened by you. We can take back our state.

If you’d like me to speak to your organization, feel free to send an email to my scheduler, Jeffrey Salisbury at JeffreyLSalisbury@gmail.com . No group is too large or too small. I hope to meet you soon.

We can do this together by Putting the People First.

Let’s clean up Michigan!

Bill Cobbs



Source: Clean Up Michigan – Bill Cobbs for Governor in MI

Email: billcobbsppf@gmail.com

Phone: 248-331-3275

The people of Michigan have waited too long for the infrastructure, water and educational issues in our state to be solved. If you want a Governor whose priority is putting the people first, you can help out with a donation. Every donation goes a long ways to reaching out to voters just like you, so we can win. Bill does NOT accept donations from corporations. Bill Cobbs is truly PUTTING THE PEOPLE FIRST!



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