Parents push to boost recess’ role in schools

“On any given afternoon in schoolyards across the country, children can be seen and heard running and playing during a time many adults recall fondly as recess. But this treasured school-day respite is a scenario that has been all but eradicated at a growing number of schools for reasons ranging from academic to social.”

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Podcast: Why College Won’t Fix Poverty – EduShyster blog post

Have You Heard heads to campus to talk to three current and former students. They *get* what researchers are just beginning to understand: that going to college isn’t the silver bullet to solving poverty. By saddling students with debt and degrees that aren’tworth that muchif they finish at allcollege may even be making the problem worse.”

Gates, Broad foundations unfiltered – EduShyster blog post

“Warning: if you don’t have the stomach to listen in on foundation insiders at Broad and Gates talking about their disdain for democracy and the, um, “ricketiness” of the evidence behind the market-based education reforms they’re pushing across the land, skip this post! Otherwise, don’t miss a word of my interview with Megan Tompkins-Stange about her new book, Policy Patrons: Philanthropy, Education Reform and the Politics of Influence.”

[Video] Interview w/ John Laurits & Jeff Epstein

[Video] Interview w/ John Laurits & Jeff Epstein
by John Laurits
The first of two dual-interviews with Jeff Epstein, one of Bernie’s delegates, & John Laurits, the math-poet.

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