The Real Purpose of the School Reform/Redesign Office – from the Fix the mitten blog

Regarding Executive Order 2015-9, which was signed by Governor Rick Snyder in March 2015 to move the state School Reform Office to the Department of Technology, Management and Budget from the Michigan Department of Education:

“The constitutional purpose of the Department of Education is to oversee and supervise public schools.  By contrast, the purpose of the DTMB is mostly budgetary — its function is to keep an eye on the state’s bottom line.  

If the real purpose of the SRRO is to help improve Michigan’s struggling public schools, as Baker insists, then the Governor violated the spirit of the Michigan Constitution by removing it from the Department of Education and grouping it with entirely unrelated agencies in the DTMB.  

On the other hand, if the major purpose of the SRRO is actually to save money by closing public schools and shifting the expense to lower-cost or nonpublic alternatives, as I suspect it might be, maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on the Governor.  Perhaps it does belong in the DTMB after all — a department that has everything to do with cutting costs and nothing to do with improving education.”  — Fix the Mitten