8 things to know about Michigan’s ACT scores

Now the SAT is part of the state high school exam. Michigan students will still be able to take the ACT, but it’s likely the number of students sitting for it will decrease.The average composite score for Michigan students who graduated in the Class of 2016 was 20.3, out of a possible 36. That continues a five-year trend that has seen the scores inch up — and a good sign given that up until this school year, all high school juniors in Michigan were required to take the ACT.

The national average for the ACT was 20.8, but in most other states, only college-bound students took the exam, said Wendy Zdeb, the executive director of the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals.

“When you look at it that way, we actually do quite well,” Zdeb said.

The national average was down from 21 in 2015 — a decrease ACT officials attributed to an 8.6% increase in the number of students taking the test.

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Op-Ed: Bad strategy to close bad schools

“Closing schools is a draconian measure which is not supported by the research or best practices. The SRO’s statement also reveals that the state is not genuinely interested in the educational outcomes of our least advantaged children, and it will essentially create institutional barriers between disadvantaged children and an equitable education in our state.”