A tale of two schools… | Eclectablog

Recently, I spent the day observing two student teachers. Both were teaching instrumental music in middle and high schools, and each was assigned to an experienced, master teacher.

But that’s where the similarities end… One of the student teachers was placed in an urban school and the other in a rural school.

The differences between these two schools were stark, and illustrative of the disparities in how our society treats children based on their socioeconomic status. Upon entering the urban school,

I was immediately struck by how quiet it was. The hallways were eerily empty, with none of the typical hallway chatter and vibrancy of excited students making their way from class to class.

The corridors were dark and gloomy, with the walls and lockers looking badly beat up and in need of a fresh coat or two of paint.

A quick trip to the men’s restroom revealed a dirty, broken mirror, no soap, and a single…

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