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Many of the early struggles of Donald Trump’s presidency appear to be self-inflicted: a leader with little experience in government or politics, an administration with significant internal divides and a set of policy goals — such as rolling back the Affordable Care Act and blocking travelers to the United States from certain countries — that are complicated to execute.

But there is another huge factor affecting him: his opposition. Amid the intense swirl of things happening in Washington right now, there is near-constant criticism of the new president from all quarters. That makes it hard to tell exactly why some of Trump’s moves turn into full-blown controversies with protests, lawsuits and endless cable news coverage while other potential scandals peter out in a day.

Here’s one way you can tell what will become a problem for the White House: How many groups line up against the administration on a particular issue turns out to be a relatively good, semi-empirical way to gauge the level of difficulty Trump is in. Trump’s initiatives face resistance from a number of constituencies. But when several of these blocs band together, they cause stories to explode, forcing the White House to respond and often to shift direction.

Here are six of the most important blocs: Six Degrees Of Trump Opposition | FiveThirtyEight

Should natural resources be publicly owned?


Natural resources are a special kind of property, because in a sense they belong to the public. But their extraction is also possible by private corporations. There are in fact pros and cons to both. Private ownership has been shown to be more efficient and more profitable. But public ownership may be better at benefiting the region or country the resources are located in.

Of course, efficiency and profitability are important, but a country’s goal should be to maximize the welfare of its citizens. So what happens if we take a look at the effects of resource ownership on economic growth? Is private ownership still preferable to public ownership?

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Mental Health in the Black Community: “The Blind Stigma” Movie Review from Catalyst for Change blog

“Have you ever thought about how mental health and mental illness impacts people in the Black community in particular?

Mental health advocate Stacy-Ann Buchananhas started a conversation about this very topic with her documentary “The Blind Stigma“.  A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Stacy-Ann at a support group in Scarborough, Ontario. She spoke in depth about her own lived experiences with depression and anxiety and her mental health advocacy work, mentioning her work on the film.”

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