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Sunday, April 16, 2017

ICYMI: Easter Edition

It’s easter Sunday and I’m a huge fan. But just in case you have some time to pass today, here’s an assortment of worthwhile reads from the week.

A Tale of Two Schools

Mitchell Robinson takes us to two schools, only twenty miles apart, that illustrate some of the inequity in education today.

Apparently Diversity Is Still Nor Innovative for Edtech…

At Educolor’s blog, a look at the problem with diversity (or lack thereof) in the edtech world

Hidden Money

Yes, I know– I’m sending you to an article from CAP. But this is an interesting look at how parent contributions skew school finances even more.

Which Came First–the Practice or the Policy

Nancy Flanagan is on point as always: The “product” in American schools used to be good citizens. Then good workers. Now, the product is test scores and being admitted to college

The List of Test-Optional Colleges and Universities Keeps Growing

Valerie Strauss with a look at how post-secondary schools keep dropping the venerable ACT and SAT– and how the test companies are fighting back.

Erie Pennsylvania Schools Are a Canary in the Coal Mine

Jeff Bryant with some great reporting on the struggle of Erie’s school system, and what it means for the death of public education.

Compliance Does Not Equal Motivation

Bill Ferriter on the difference between what a student is able to do and what the student is willing to do.

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