MEA Retired: New MEA-Retired Website Launches

New MEA-Retired Website Launches

We would like to invite all Michigan Public School retirees to click on and explore our newly designed website, The new design is optimized for tablets and smart phones. About 60 percent of our emails are opened by tablets/smartphones. You will find a reorganized and attractive website that focuses on information that is important to public school retirees. The first thing you will notice is the announcementssection which draws attention to pictures of member activity and features an article of current interest and importance to retired school employees.

The GRAY-COLORED DROP DOWN MENU at the top of the page is a navigation pathway to information about the workings of our organization. Here you will find archived copies of MEA-Retired publications such as the quarterly Michigan Retirement Report and monthly Tribune newsletter. Click on CHAPTERS to find our 38 local chapters around the state, some of which have their own websites. Under the MEMBERSHIP tab you will find information on how to become a lifetime member, how the AIM membership program works, and the importance of becoming a lifetime member of MEA-Retired.

The RESOURCES tab found both on the top right side of the home page as well on the far left is perhaps the most useful to members. Here you will find the updated and current publications from MPSERS (Michigan Public School Employee Retirement System) and our insurance providers. We have posted links to MPSERS charts which allow retirees to easily compare the differences in coverage and out-of-pocket costs among the five health care providers from which we can choose. There are 14 links under the insurance tab alone including the insurance rates of BCBS and other information. We included phone numbers and links to all of our providers. The RESOURCES tab also is an important gateway to information about Social Security and Medicare.

If you are a lifetime NEA/MEA member, you need to log in at the top right of the website. Once you log in, an additional blue colored drop down menuappears. Here you can explore menu items just for members such as Leadership, Documents and Forms, Governance, Committees, and Political Information. Directions for explaining how members can log in are written in an accompanying article found below.

Whether you are a lifetime member or not, we hope MEA retirees find our website useful and informative.

Member Login Directions

At the top right hand corner of the website there are two gray boxed – username and password. Members can login with these credentials: Example a Thomas Smith would login as follows:
Username: (first letter of his first name + last name = tsmith
Password: (last four digits of his Social Security Number)
If you have any login problems please send an email to the email address at the bottom.

Source: MEA Retired

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