Don’t be fooled by the Corporate Culture in West Michigan

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

Corporate Capitalism is always trying to re-invent itself. This is mostly due to the fact that people don’t fundamentally trust corporations, and for good reason.

When one considers the harm that corporate capitalism has done to workers, communities and ecosystems over the past century, what has been left is an endless stream of corpses and destruction.

This is what makes the recent article on Rapid Growth Media so insidious. 


The article, entitled, “Civic minded companies,” attempts to make the claim that there are companies in West Michigan, “doing good things.”

The article makes this statement near the beginning:

If you were able to quantify the depth and breadth of community support provided by the private sector in West Michigan, it would be staggering. You would be hard-pressed to find an event or organization that hasn’t been sponsored, supported or funded by a local corporation.”

Such a statement could…

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