THIS DAY IN HISTORY July 10, 1919: Beating of Samuel L. Jones and the Longview Riot

Photo: Daniel Hoskins on 7/13/1919 at gun repository required by U.S. Marshall. Undermined African Americans’ ability to engage in self-defense.

#tdih 1919, Longview, Texas. A white mob attacked school teacher Samuel L. Jones who was also the local distributor of The Chicago Defender and a labor rights advocate. The white mob grew and committed murder and destruction in the Black community. #RedSummer #terrorism

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Unsubstantiated claims and Structural Violence: Another look at the Grand Rapids Police Officer’s Association statement

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

The Grand Rapids Police Officers Association, the union that represents those employed by the GRPD, is getting some pushback from a recent statement posted on their website. The statement reads:

The recent and continued violence is the direct result of city officials not properly staffing and supporting the police department. To allow the police department to be constantly scrutinized discourages any type of proactive enforcement necessary to keep Grand Rapids safe. It is evident that stop the violence rallies have no affect on criminal activity. It’s time to let GRPD get back to policing.

The cop union statement is instructive on many levels. First, they blame city officials for not hiring more police and for not supporting what they do. A recent study has determined that the GRPD has enough staff, but that they do not utilize current resources efficiently. Also, to say that City officials do not support…

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