Borrow money from Teacher pensions to pay for the roads: The West Michigan Policy Forum, Neoliberal Economic Austerity measures and how to undermine the Public Sector

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

On Monday, July 1st, former Republican State Legislator and now the policy advisor for the West Michigan Policy Forum (WMPF), was on Michigan Radio talking about, “a way to ensure teachers’ retirement promises are funded; and how securing this repayment could also provide funding for roads.” 

Bolger said on Michigan Radio, “The West Michigan Policy Forum proposes borrowing $10 billion through a pension obligation bond and putting that money into the underfunded Michigan Public Schools Employees Retirement System.” 

Chase Bolger also begins his comments by talking about the Teacher Pension Fund in Michigan as “unfunded liabilities” of the State of Michigan and that the WMPF believes that teachers deserve that money. This interview on NPR leaves out one major component in the discussion on the Teacher Pension Funds.

First, in 2016, the West Michigan Policy Forum was backing legislation that would remove the decades-long contractual agreement between…

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