Benton Harbor, MI: Commissioner Ron Singleton Reviews Options for District

Diane Ravitch's blog

This statement by Benton Harbor Commissioner Ron Singleton was posted on the blog as a comment:

I spoke with teacher and different members of our community to put recommendations for the department of education to consider. Here is a copy of the suggestions. We have to wait and see what happens, it’s to my understanding others have sent suggestions also, hopefully we will all Make an impact. Benton Harbor Commissioner Ron Singelton.

Action Plan Committee to Save Benton Harbor School System.

Ask the governor to appoint the University Of Michigan School Of education to administrate the Benton Harbor School district with the Benton Harbor School Board in an advisory capacity. The board is to learn and over time resume control. Be it understood the University Of Michigan will hire and fire educational staff, provide resources and do what is deemed necessary to have the students in the Benton Harbor School…

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