After the Confession: How Will They Fix the Damage Done to Public Schools?

by Nancy Bailey

Nick Hanauer is described as “founder of the public-policy incubator Civic Ventures.” His piece in The Atlantic called “Better Public Schools Won’t Fix America,” is an admission that the corporate message we’ve heard for years that schools will fix the problems of the economy and society is false. Most of us knew this. Here is […]

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West Virginia Invests in Public Schools… But Will Now Add Charter Schools


Until this week, West Virginia was one of a handful of states which had never experimented with school privatization.  But on Monday night, the West Virginia Senate adopted an omnibus education bill passed a week ago by the West Virginia House of Delegates.  Governor Jim Justice has said he will sign the bill.  The bill includes a raise for teachers, but it also introduces privately operated charter schools into West Virginia for the first time.

Some History

The debate has been long and contentious.  It began in February of 2018, when school teachers across the entire state of West Virginia walked out over the conditions in their public schools and their low pay, which has been driving fine teachers out of the profession and away from the state. With that statewide strike, West Virginia’s public school teachers launched the #RedforEd movement that swept across Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona, Denver, Los Angeles…

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