News from the Pastors for Texas Children

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Our allies the Pastors for Texas Children have repeatedly blocked vouchers in Texas, and they are now celebrating a significant boost in state funding for public schools. They have helped to start similar organizations in other states to protect the separation between church and state.

Dear Friend,

Our nation is wracked by a politics of division, where special interests and big donors set the political agenda for both sides of the aisle. State budgets, which should be reflections of our shared character and moral values, too often reflect the lie of scarcity, promoting an agenda of runaway privatization that harms God’s common good.

More often than not, this agenda involves slashing crucial funding for public education, cutting services to the most vulnerable among us: Texas’ children. 

But Pastors for Texas Children won’t give in to this agenda for one simple reason: we’re a Spirit-driven, people-powered organization, not beholden to any…

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