Dads and Children With Disabilities

by Nancy Bailey

Happy Father’s Day! There’s little research on the role of fathers when it comes to raising children with disabilities. This underrepresentation has meant that most questionnaires about this topic have reflected the mother’s point of view. But that’s changing. In honor of dads today, I decided to study some of the research that’s out there […]

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For the Poorest Rust Belt School Districts in 2019, June Is the Cruelest Month


States continue to impose punitive school closures and state takeovers on school districts that serve the poorest children.  While the Ohio Senate tinkers with language to embed a new state takeover plan for struggling school districts into the FY 2020-2021 biennial state budget, Michigan plans to shut down Benton Harbor’s high school before June 30, the date when the state is slated to lose control over this district which Michigan’s state-appointed managers have failed to turn around.

Ohio’s Senate pretends it is eliminating a four-year failed experiment in the state takeover of school districts, in which top-down, state-appointed despots have created chaos by wielding unlimited power to reconstitute schools and shake things up. But the substitute plan (buried in the Ohio Senate’s proposed state budget) merely inserts a local committee into the process and calls the new czar a School Improvement Director instead of a CEO. This new overseer, whose…

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One Small Voice: No More Deaths efforts are not criminal


by Lynn Mandaville

Day after day I find myself wondering how we got here as a nation.  By that I mean, how did we get to where the federal government is attempting to make it a criminal activity to extend compassion and humanitarian aid to the vulnerable immigrants who have risked everything to escape the senseless violence visited on the innocents of Central America by the utterly amoral drug cartels of those nations and Mexico?


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