Pennsylvania: Governor Wolf Should Veto Expansion of Voucher Program!

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Lawrence A. Feinberg leads a valuable organization called the Keystone State Education Coalition, which reports on education issues in Pennsylvania.

The big issue today is whether Democratic Governor Tom Wolf will veto a bill to expand the state’s voucher program by $100 million, a bill passed almost entirely by Republicans in the Legislature. He certainly should veto the measure because it will drain resources from the state’s public schools and send students to religious schools whose teachers and curriculum are not as good as those of the public schools.

HB800: Bill that nearly doubles size of tax credit program for private school scholarships heading to Wolf’s desk

PA Capital Star By  Elizabeth Hardison June 11, 2019

Legislation that would nearly double the size of an educational tax credit program that funds private and religious school scholarships was approved Tuesday by Senate Republicans, whose unanimous support for the proposal overpowered…

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