Acton University: Arguably worse than hundreds of neo-Nazis coming to Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

Next week, from June 18 – 21, the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, will hold its annual conference, in what is called Acton University.

The four day gathering will bring over a thousand people to Grand Rapids, people who will be presenting the 110 classes and those who have come to learn. Acton University costs a mere $800 for the registration, plus travel and lodging for the four days, which should give you an indication of the kind of people who will have access to such a gathering.

The 110 courses that people can chose from are primarily centered around a theological justification of capitalism, but there are also numerous courses that argue the benefits of small government, an end to state run welfare systems, education policy and how the private sector can save society from the evils of socialism. 

The title of this article suggests…

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