San Diego School Board Endorses Charter School Reforms

Last night, the elected Board of Education of the San Diego Unified School District passed a strong resolution endorsing four bills in the State Legislature that would impose discipline on the Wild West unregulated charter industry. The bills are described in the resolution. They would impose a moratorium on charter school expansion, revive local control, and increase oversight of charters. This resolution demonstrates that the board is willing to stand up to the rapacious charter industry.

Temporary homestay needed for 15 Spanish Students arriving from Spain on June 24, departing July 26

What Global Friendships is about

Dear Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Former Host Families, Wannabe Host Families, Anyone with the slightest interest in Foreign Exchange or no interest at all ….

This is my call out for HELP!

I have a group of 15 Spanish Students arriving from Spain on June 24th and departing July 26th.  I still have more than half the group to place and I am in dire need of great host families.

If you live anywhere in the State I will make sure that we transport them to you.  They arrive in Detroit and we bus them to the area where they will be staying.

If you live near the airport you have the option of greeting them there.  If you are located North of Ionia, we can transport there as well or make arrangements.

I am outlining some details of the kids who need placement and their interests.

Please contact me if there is any way that you can help out.  Please pass this information along to your contacts as well.

They need a bed but not necessarily a private room.

They can share a room with a host family member who is within 3 years of their age.

They come here fully insured and our liability insures your family.

They have ample funds to subsidize their stay so there should be no concern about covering all their costs.

The host family obligation is to house and feed the student and include them in any or all activities you enjoy in the summer.  If you are able to host for even half of the stay we will try and work with you and split their stay between two families.  If you have plans with your family that does not accommodate the student, we will work with other families to cover a weekend or a week while you are gone.

Any family configuration is welcome: Young, Old, children in the home or not, One Parent …. As long as the family is loving, inclusive and willing to share their time and resources with a foreign student.

I have one girl (17) who is an equine expert or at least training to be.  She owns her own horses and trains children.

My boys range in age from 15 -17.  All of them are interested in sports and many of them play soccer, basketball, tennis, and love for beaches and swimming.  I have one student who plays the electric guitar with friends in a neighborhood band, one who enjoys hiking and is involved in a Spanish youth group similar to our Boy Scouts.

A couple of my students live with extended family very near-by and they spend a lot of time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Most of them love video games and would like to experience camping as they have heard of our love for it but it is uncommon there.

I have a couple of boys who have allergies to cats and one that is allergic to shellfish.

By and large, they all express their love of all animals and there is no fear of dogs in the group (whew!)  The parent’s occupations are varied:  Doctors, engineers, business owners (embroidery), computer experts, and lawyers and office workers.

Many of the kids have been on summer programs before here in the states so they are accustomed to and ready for American Adventures or just settling into summer life here.

The English skill level of the majority of the students is probably an 8 or higher on a scale of 10. A large part of their journey here is to improve their conversational English and they have been taking language classes since elementary school.

Thank you in advance for considering the notion of being a short term host family or at least passing on this information to any of your friends, family, co-workers or neighbors who might be interested.

I am behind the 8-ball so to speak and already in panic mode, because there are no options…they are coming!  Because this group is made up almost entirely of boys, I have had to pass by some great families who can only accommodate female students.

Thank You again and I look forward to hearing from some great families.

Karen Gregory, Global Friendships, Inc


3300 Jeffrey Lori East, Finksburg, MD | 21048 | 443-277-0858



Lady Vikings vs. tough TK; ‘Cats play Allegan in districts

Hopkins will put its 21-8 record on the line at 10 a.m. Saturday against a Middleville Thornapple Kellogg team that now is 26-4 for the overall season in the semifinals of the Division 2 district softball tournament.

The Lady Vikings will be hosts for the four-team competition. Wayland and Allegan will square off in the other semifinal contest at noon.

EXTRA: Ohio Senate’s School Transformation Plan to Replace HB 70 Is Still a State Takeover


This blog will take a one-week early summer break and come back in June on a new, three-day, Monday-Wednesday-Friday summer schedule.  Look for a new post on Monday, June 3.

I have been reading a May 7, 2019 draft Ohio School Transformation Plan. This is the Ohio Senate’s proposal to replace the current Ohio HB 70 state takeovers of Youngstown, Lorain, and East Cleveland and state takeovers scheduled for ten more school districts in the next two years. Currently Youngstown, Lorain and East Cleveland are operating under state appointed Academic Distress Commissions. In Youngstown and Lorain, now completing their fourth year under Academic Distress Commissions, the dysfunction, chaos and ill-will are unsustainable.

The Senate’s just proposed Ohio School Transformation Plan plan was designed by an Academic Distress Working Group that includes representatives of the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron, Warrensville Heights and Mansfield school districts; Ohio’s state superintendent, Paolo deMaria…

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THIS DAY IN HISTORY May 30, 1937: Memorial Day Massacre

Memorial Day 1937. The Chicago Police shot and killed ten unarmed striking steelworkers at a gathering (with families) on Memorial Day. It was caught on film.

See the video clips on the link below and read and essay by author Howard Fast. #laborhistory


What We’re Waiting to Hear: The Education Fight No Candidate Mentions (Thus Far)

by Nancy Bailey

All the democratic presidential candidates have plans how to run the country and positively affect the world. Some have good ideas about how to improve public schools and support teachers. But none has yet to speak about America’s education crisis. Educators and parents who rally around public schools and the teachers who work in them […]

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Monument Colorado area residents question developer’s role in new charter school

Monument Academy

#AnotherDayAnotherCharterScandal Monument-area residents are crying foul over plans to build a charter school, saying a developer has leveraged his having served on a local education board to benefit financially.
“It all seems fairly underhanded and deceptive,” said Nick Anderson, who lives near the site.


THIS DAY IN HISTORY May 26, 1637: Pequot Massacre

Engraving depicting the Pequot Massacre, 1637. Source: Library of Congress.

A pre-dawn attack on Mystic Fort that left 500 adults and children of the Pequot tribe dead, the Pequot Massacre (or the “Mystic Massacre”) was the first defeat of the Pequot people by the English in the Pequot War, a three-year war instigated by the Puritans to seize the tribe’s traditional land.

The Pequot War is described in the new young reader’s version of An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States. Here is a brief excerpt:

Pequots were living in two forts. In one fort were mainly Pequot men. In the other were primarily women, children, and elders. [Mercenary John] Mason targeted the latter. Slaughter ensued. After killing most of the Pequot defenders, the soldiers set fire to the structures and burned the remaining people there alive.

Though the Puritan’s slaughter of the Pequots was devastating, they continued to fear retaliation by the surviving Pequots who had sought refuge among neighboring nations. The fear was so great that they destroyed Pequot’s remaining homes and food supplies and forced them to leave their homelands.

This gruesome defeat marked a turning point in the war, which the Pequots and their allies had been winning for eight months. The war also had the goal of enslavement, as described in “America’s Other Original Sin” in Slate:

During the Pequot War, which was initially instigated by struggles over trade and land among the Europeans, the Pequot, and rival tribes, colonists explicitly named the procurement of captives as one of their goals. Soldiers sent groups of captured Pequot to Boston and other cities for distribution, while claiming particular captured people as their own.

Below is a photo of the site of the Pequot Massacre today. It is one of the images in a series by photo journalist Andrew Lichtenstein of unmarked locations of historical significance.

Pequot Massacre Site in Mystic, Connecticut.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY May 24, 1990: Judi Bari’s Car Bombed

Judi Bari. © 1991 Evan Johnson

#tdih 1990, a pipe bomb went off under the seat of legendary Earth First! activist Judi Bari as she drove to a demonstration to stop timber companies from clearcutting old-growth redwood trees. Bari was almost killed. After the incident, the FBI arrested Bari and her passenger, Darryl Cherney — charging them with building the bombs themselves! The pair sued the FBI and won more than $4 million in damages. [Description from Democracy Now!]

Read more below and find resources to #TeachClimateJustice.

May 24, 1990: Judi Bari’s Car Bombed

Eliminating Worldwide Illiteracy with Electronic Tablets but Without School Teachers?


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Diane Ravitch made the announcement yesterday morning on her blog:  A U.S. philanthropy has awarded $10 million in prize money to two companies—Kitkit School and Onebillion—for developing and testing out in Tanzania an electronic tablet program for teacherless education.  “You knew this was coming, didn’t you?” writes Ravitch.

First it was Bridge International Academies, the for-profit, international private school venture underwritten by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other philanthropists and operating in Kenya, Liberia, Uganda and India. At Bridge Academies, students must pay tuition, teachers in the schools must continually recruit new students, and teachers must present scripted curricula delivered to them electronically from a central site.  Critics have pointed out that by employing less educated teachers who merely…

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