The health effects of screen time on children: A research roundup

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The health effects of screen time

For many kids, play time outside has been replaced with games and videos on smartphone screens. How is this impacting children’s health? We present research on how screen time affects such things as fine motor skills, insulin resistance, sleep and suicide rates.

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Sex education: Why an abstinence-only approach is problematic

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The problem with abstinence-only sex education in schools

Our newest research roundup looks at sex education in schools. We’ve gathered and summarized 11 peer-reviewed studies that look at the topic from several angles, including the shortcomings of abstinence-only programs and virginity pledges.

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The Public Good? Betsy DeVos Doesn’t Get It.


When she spoke recently at the Education Writers Association, Betsy DeVos, the U.S. Secretary of Education, swallowed whatever humility she has and presumed to redefine the role public education in our society.  Betsy loves freedom from government (even though she works for the government), and she can’t seem to discern any difference between what is good for the individual and what is good for us all together.

Here is what she told the nation’s education journalists: “I entered public life to promote policies that empower all families. Notice that I said ‘families,’ not government… I am a common-sense conservative with a healthy distrust of centralized government. Instead, I trust the American people to live their own lives and to decide their own destinies… Margaret Thatcher said that government ‘has no source of money other than the money people earn themselves.’ There is no such thing as ‘public money.’…

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