THIS DAY IN HISTORY May 22, 1843: “Great Emigration” of the Oregon Trail

Left out of most representations of the Oregon Trail are the Native peoples whose land was being invaded. Source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

On May 22, 1843, the “Great Emigration” began on the Oregon Trail. This is a good time to read “On the Road to Cultural Bias: A Critique of The Oregon Trail,” a vital review of the popular The Oregon Trail “educational” video game and now phone app that hides the truth about the Euro-American invasion.


Charter Schools Undermine the Public Good—in Louisiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania


This week’s news has brought additional evidence for growing public condemnation of the charter school sector—the abysmal record in Louisiana of the federal Charter Schools Program, along with the operation of charters in two states where the sector has rapidly grown: Michigan and Pennsylvania.  These investigations by the press explore financial waste along with disappointment for families whose charter schools promised more than they could deliver.

In Louisiana

This week Jeff Bryant explores the role of the federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) in  Louisiana, and most particularly, post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, where federal money helped underwrite the Shock Doctrine eradication of a public school district as it was turned over to a mass of privately operated charter schools. The Network for Public Education (NPE) has been tracking alarming lack of oversight over two decades in the federal CSP, which since its inception has awarded $4 billion to underwrite the startup…

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