How consumers foot U.S.-China trade war bill

Get caught up on the tennis match that is the U.S.-China trade war, and explore the latest research analyzing how U.S. import tariffs are impacting the economy.

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THIS DAY IN HISTORY May 21, 1881: Blanche K. Bruce Became Register of the Treasury

Hon. Blanche Kelso Bruce of Mississippi. Source: Library of Congress.

On May 21, 1881 Blanche Kelso Bruce became Register of the Treasury which placed his name on all U.S. currency.

Bruce had served as a U.S. Senator, representing Mississippi from March 4, 1875 – March 4, 1881.

The first African American Senator to serve a full term, Bruce was an outspoken advocate for the rights of African Americans, Native Americans, and Chinese Americans. Bruce had been born in slavery near Farmville, Prince Edward County, Virginia on March 1, 1841.

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Do you know how many African American U.S. Senators there have been to date?

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West Virginia’s Teachers Continue #RedforEd Pushback Against Charter Schools and ESA Vouchers


Just over a year ago, in late February 2018, school teachers across West Virginia launched the first of a nationwide wave of walkouts and strikes that became #RedforEd.  Teachers in every one of West Virginia’s 55 school districts walked out; schools were shut down across the entire state. Teachers were protesting abysmally low salaries and desperately needed services for their students. The West Virginia strike last year yielded a 5 percent raise for school teachers.

Then again on February 19, 2019, West Virginia’s teachers walked out again across 54 of the state’s 55 school districts to protest an omnibus education bill moving through the state legislature. The bill, known as Senate Bill 451, included another pay raise for teachers, but the Republican dominated West Virginia Senate had also inserted poison pills—authorization for seven charter schools and a statewide Education Savings Account (ESA) neo-voucher program for 1000 eligible students with…

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