FAQ: Does Michigan Lottery money really go to schools?

FAQ: Does Michigan Lottery money really go to schools?

It was seen as a way to raise state revenue, particularly for education,
without increasing taxes. The Michigan Lottery was created in 1972, and lottery … READ SHARE DISCUSS LEARN MORE HERE – https://www.petoskeynews.com/faq-does-michigan-lottery-money-really-go-to-schools


Bridge Magazine: Will Michigan 3rd- grade reading law hurt poor? Florida’s history says yes

In a statement released in March, a conservative Michigan education group, the Great Lakes EducationProject, blasted the suggestion that the state’s …

Are School Playgrounds Still Empty? Animals Get More Recess!

Are School Playgrounds Still Empty? Animals Get More Recess!

by Nancy Bailey

Parents in Florida and Tennessee and many other states have fought for recess. Sometimes children in elementary school get 20-minute breaks once a day if they’re lucky. Children should get several recess breaks each day! We should be looking at the benefit of school breaks for every grade level. Middle and high school students would […]

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School Segregation in America 65 Years after “Brown v. Board of Education”


Today, May 17, 2019 is the 65th birthday of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education. Marking the anniversary is the publication of a new report from the Civil Rights Project at UCLA on the state of racial integration in the public schools. Rucker C. Johnson at the University of California at Berkley has also published a new book: Children of the Dream: Why School Integration Works.

Johnson, an economist, examined massive data sets as the basis of his unequivocal support for racially integrated schools: “What follows is not an impassioned argument about diversity and integration…. Instead, this book uses data to show the power of integration and related efforts. Contrary to popular wisdom, integration has benefited—and continues to benefit—African Americans, whether that benefit is translated into educational attainment, earnings, social stability, or incarceration rates. Whites, meanwhile, lose nothing from opening their classrooms to…

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