THIS DAY IN HISTORY May 9, 1933: Helen Keller Writes to German Students

#tdih 1933 “History has taught you nothing if you think you can kill ideas. Tyrants have tried to do that often before. . . .Do not imagine that your barbarities to the Jews are unknown here. . .” — Helen Keller in her letter to German students planning to burn books, including her own work, “How I Became a Socialist.”


In this Teacher Appreciation Week, Fair Pay Would Show Our Teachers They Really Are Appreciated


In 1962, when my mother taught first grade in Havre, Montana, she felt appreciated as a teacher even though the rule was that she had to take the kids outside for recess unless it was below 15 degrees below zero. (Remember that wind chill as a term hadn’t been invented in those days.) She wasn’t paid particularly well, but school did close for an hour at midday, while everybody went home for lunch. She saw her students’ parents all the time in the grocery store, however, and she knew that her opinions and her expertise were valued.

This week has been formally designated as the 2019 Teacher Appreciation Week. But teachers these days aren’t really appreciated. While the Washington Post reports that, merely to sit on Boeing’s board of directors, Caroline Kennedy and Nikki Haley are paid $324,000 annually in cash and stock to attend a day-long meeting every-other-month, school…

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