America’s Teachers vs. Betsy DeVos and the Top 1% During Teacher Appreciation Week

by Nancy Bailey
During this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week, teachers will undoubtedly cherish notes and gifts from grateful children and parents, but they recognize real teacher appreciation is about more than a week of tributes. They also see through Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the top one percent who want to destroy public education and the teaching profession. […]

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Source: America’s Teachers vs. Betsy DeVos and the Top 1% During Teacher Appreciation Week

Betsy DeVos as Clickbait


It surprised me to hear the word “clickbait” in Betsy DeVos’s working vocabulary.  I wonder if it wasn’t put into her speech—on Monday in Baltimore at the Education Writers Association’s annual meeting—by one of her more with-it staffers.  I confess that as a retired person, I was slow several years ago to grasp the meaning of the term, but as a blogger I know I paid attention, even before I knew the word, to the number of people who click on posts about particular topics.  I realize, of course, that my purpose is to do justice, not to pay attention to the number of clicks on different subjects, but like all writers who post on-line, I notice.  And I grieve about the paucity of clicks on worthy topics.

As you have, no doubt, heard by now, Betsy DeVos went to the Education Writers Association and asked the nation’s education journalists…

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