Diane Ravitch’s Education “Wisdom and Wit” is Critical at this Time

by Nancy Bailey

We will someday view this era as one in which the nation turned its back on its public schools, its children, and its educators. We will wonder why so many journalists and policymakers rejected the nation’s obligation to support public education as a social responsibility, and accepted the unrealistic, unsustainable promises of entrepreneurs and billionaires. […]

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Source: Diane Ravitch’s Education “Wisdom and Wit” is Critical at this Time

THIS DAY IN HISTORY May 5, 1905: Chicago Defender Founded

On May 5, 1905, Robert Sengstacke Abbott founded the Chicago Defender with an initial investment of 25 cents and a press run of 300 copies.

#tdih 1905 Chicago Defender founded with the tagline: American Race Prejudice Must Be Destroyed.

We can’t teach nor research history of the U.S. without the central role and archives of the Black press. This is particulary true on this 100th anniversary of #RedSummer in 1919. Read more and find teaching resources below.