35 Ways They Dumb Down America: Still, There’s Hope!

by Nancy Bailey

They took all the trees And put them in a tree museum And they charged all the people A dollar and a half to see ’em Don’t it always seem to go That you don’t know what you’ve got ‘Till it’s gone They paved paradise And they put up a parking lot ~Joni Mitchell, Big […]

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THIS DAY IN HISTORY May 3, 1898: Septima Clark Born

Septima Clark teaching at a Citizenship School on the South Carolina Sea islands.

Septima Poinsette Clark was born on May 3, 1898. Clark developed the literacy and citizenship workshops that played a key role in the drive for voting rights and civil rights for African Americans in the Civil Rights Movement.

Here is the opening to her profile at the SNCC Digital Gateway Project.

Peter Greene: Charter Schools Are Not Public Schools 


Modern charter schools prefer to attach the word “public” to their descriptions. Many of the charter advocacy groups include “public charter” in their title. And truthfully, there are no regulations attached to the term–any school can attach the word “public” to its title without having to worry about any sort of penalty.

So technically, any charter school can call itself a public school. Heck, any private or parochial school can call itself a public school if it’s so inclined. But while modern charter schools are financed by public tax dollars, they are not truly public schools for the following reasons…

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Jeb Bush Finally Gets His Pet Voucher Program Passed (Again) in Florida

Vouchers do not SUPPORT the publics’ school system.
Privatized educational services do not SUPPORT the publics’ school system.
Charter schools do not SUPPORT the publics’ school system.


Jeb Bush has fallen out of the national headlines, but Florida continues to be dominated by his policies and those of the advocacy organization and so-called think tank he founded, ExcelinEd, formerly known as the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

On Tuesday, Florida’s House passed a new school voucher bill, the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program, which had already passed the Senate. Florida’s newly elected Governor Ron DeSantis, a strong advocate for privatization of public education, is expected to sign the bill.

Bush’s fingerprints are all over this bill which expands Florida’s vouchers. The Miami Herald‘s Emily Mahoney reports: “Bush, 66, was on the floor of the House when the bill came to a final vote, along with commissioner of education and former House Speaker Richard Corcoran, plus Senate leaders, all of whom stood up and applauded when the bill passed 76-39… Bush posted a photo to Twitter…

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