Here’s How Michigan Ranks In Teacher Pay

A new report shows teacher salaries have fallen nationwide over the last 10 years.

A new report shows teacher salaries, when adjusted for inflation, have actually decreased nationwide over the last 10 years.

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May 6, 2019 begins Teacher Appreciation Week

May 6 begins Teacher Appreciation Week. Across the nation, teachers have been courageously standing up for their profession, their students and public schools.

We would like to help you make Teacher Appreciation Week special for the teachers you care about the most.

So many of you generously give to the Network for Public Education Action, and we appreciate your donations, large or small. Without your donations, we cannot do our work fighting privatization and standing up for teachers, students and public schools.

For any donation of $15 or more that we receive from today until the end of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 10), we will send a special note to the teacher of your choice and tell them that you made a donation to help save public education in their name.

All you need to do is tell us who you want to honor, along with their email address.

If you donate $50, Diane will send them a personal letter via the mail thanking them for the work they do. We will need the teacher’s name and address, along with a special remark about the teacher, that you can provide with your donation.

If you donate $100 or more, we will send the teacher an autographed copy of The Wit and Wisdom of Diane Ravitch

, a collection of her best essays and blogs. We will need the teacher’s name and address that you provide with your donation.

Even if you choose not to participate, don’t forget to honor teachers you cherish with a card, email or call. Betsy DeVos may not appreciate our public school teachers, but here at the Network we hold them dear.

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A Weak Defense of a Useless Report

NEPC Review: The Michigan Context and Performance Report Card: High Schools 2018 (Mackinac Center for Public Policy, January 2019)

A Mackinac Center for Public Policy report, The Michigan Context and Performance Report Card: High Schools 2018, seeks to measure and publicize high school performance by ranking schools according to their test scores. Although this has been done previously in many contexts, this publication touts as its major contribution taking socioeconomic status into account in its school rankings. While the stated goal of the report is laudable, the reality falls far short due to several shortcomings, detailed in this review. Given these shortcomings, the rankings presented in this report should be given no weight in any discussions of policy or practice. In fact, this report does a disservice by introducing questionable information in an easily readable form that is not substantiated by any credible analysis.

Update: Ben DeGrow and Michael Van Beek posted a response to the review in a blog post at:

John T. Yun’s response to the blog is posted immediately below the review. There is a corresponding newsletter at:

Can We Hold onto Our Values As We Struggle to Survive in the Trump-DeVos Holding Pattern?


I was dismayed recently when I sat down to read some excellent proposals for addressing child poverty in the United States.

Here are two alternative proposals from the National Academy of Sciences. Both are prescriptions for cutting our national child poverty rate in half within a decade. Each proposal would combine a different set of policy strategies; each combination of ingredients would achieve the same very laudable result:

  1. “Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit along the phase-in and flat portions; convert the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit to a fully refundable tax credit and concentrate its benefits to families with children with the lowest incomes; increase the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by 35 percent…; and expand the supply of Section 8 Housing… Vouchers to supply affordable housing for 70 percent of eligible families.””
  2. “Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit by 40 percent; convert the Child and Dependent…

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