On Farming and Failing

Frazzled Farmgirl

The problem with writing publicly about all of your ventures in farming is that, sometimes, you have to write about the failures. Animals die, plants die, things break and this often opens the door to comments and suggestions from well-intentioned friends who may be a bit uninformed. I know, for example, that if I buy a dozen chicks, the odds are that one or two won’t make it. They are shipped to the farm stores when they are only one or two days old, so they are pretty fragile for such a journey. Additionally, commercial poultry companies aren’t exactly breeding for strong, healthy birds, they’re breeding for quantity. But when I share with non-farming friends, they kind of look at me like, “geez, didn’t one of your chicks die last week too?” Or when a row of plants get eaten by a mystery bug, “have you tried…”  I’m not complaining at all. I’m constantly amazed by the interest and support my friends show towards my many ventures. However, sharing our struggles can be tough. On the one hand, I know that the only way to become old and wise is to try and fail again and again, but on the other hand, I wonder if people are thinking, “do they even know what they are doing?”

Recently, I discovered the History Channel show, The American Farm. This show follows five families all farming for a living. Each family story is different:

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