Adults with kids might be less happy because raising them is expensive

An adult holding an infant on the chest


Adults report being less satisfied with their lives when they have children and those with stepchildren are even less happy, finds new research that looks at adult wellbeing across more than 30 European countries.

The happiest adults, according to the survey data the researchers examined: single ones who live with a partner but no kids.

For years, smaller studies had found that the presence of children is associated with diminished wellbeing for adults or that there is no relationship between having children and life satisfaction. Curious to know why, professors David G. Blanchflower of Dartmouth College and Andrew Clark of the Paris School of Economics decided to take a closer look.

“That’s one of the big puzzles that’s been in the literature forever,” Blanchflower told Journalist’s Resource by phone. He was one of the researchers who had studied the issue in the United States and Great Britain in previous years.

In prior research, “we showed that kids make people…


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