Not Throwing Your Senior a Big, Expensive Graduation Party? You’re Not Alone

Don't feel guilty if you decide not to throw a graduation party.

If you have a high school senior, right about now you’re probably experiencing two kinds of thoughts. The first is, “How did high school go by so fast?” And the second is, “Why did nobody tell me how EXPENSIVE having a senior is?”

Although we all knew graduation day was inevitable (and we’ve been preparing emotionally for it all year long), it goes unspoken how much expense is involved in graduating a high schooler, and most of us are unprepared for it. In addition to all the college prep costs like SAT/ACT tests, test prep services if needed, college tours, application fees, and college housing, orientation, and admission deposits, there are a bevy of “senior year” costs.

Who knew I’d also be paying for the actual cap and gown and honor society sashes, special events like senior lunch, senior breakfast, grad night, senior pictures, athletic banquets, graduation announcements,  and the list goes on and on and on. HASHTAG BROKE.





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