THIS DAY IN HISTORY March 10, 1903: African American Leaders Protest Streetcar Segregation

Streetcar Segregation Act | Zinn Education Project

#tdih 1903, African American leaders assembled at the First Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas and demanded the halt of legislative efforts aimed at segregating streetcars. They organized a boycott and “we walk” league.


Reading Instruction, The Attack on Teachers, and Two Areas of Concern

by Nancy Bailey

Almost every day there’s another report attacking teachers for how they teach reading. It divides parents and teachers. It’s also dangerous at a time when there’s a teacher shortage and teachers are banding together to try to save not only their profession, but public education. I don’t like to see my profession criticized so harshly […]

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NPR investigation: FEMA records show most money flows to the wealthy and whites after disaster strikes

The Papadopoulos and Evans families were two of the hundreds of thousands of families who evacuated their Houston during Hurricane Harvey. Both lost their homes in the storm. Today, the white, homeowning family is financially stable, while the black renters are facing bankruptcy. One factor: The Papadopoulos family got more than $130,000 in federal aid. The Evanses got $2,500.

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It’s an increasingly common story in the U.S., where disasters now affect half of counties each year.