THIS DAY IN HISTORY March 3, 1865: Freedmen’s Bureau Established

Freedmen's Bureau | Zinn Education Project

ABOVE – Land Order, April 1, 1865 . . . permission is hereby granted to Richard Brown to take possession of and occupy forty acres of land, situated in St. Andrews Parish, Island of James. Source: National Archives. Click image to see this and more primary documents.

#tdih 1865, the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands was established in 1865 and disbanded in 1872. This was hardly enough time, especially given its limited resources and the major obstacles it faced, to help 3.9 million people (freed from generations of slavery that dated back 250 years) find family members (who had been sold away), establish schools, secure labor contracts, legalize marriages, and much more.
Imagine if everyone who was freed from centuries of bondage—and whose skills, knowledge, and labor had stolen—had been received land as Richard Brown was promised in the document below.
Read more below and find resources to #TeachReconstruction.

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