‘Hey, do you play basketball?’”…“I said, ‘Yeah, I was All-State in Michigan.’ He goes, ‘Get in my office!’

Don Schwall poses with his college degree in his home office Thursday.



It’s when May dissolves into summer that America still manages to celebrate education, with rigorous pomp and melodic circumstance, with its ready panoply of commencement speakers, because despite our roiling culture, achievement in learning is still widely considered a noble pursuit.

I’m convinced of this just by the glow on the face of Don Schwall, who just took his bachelor of business education degree from the University of Oklahoma only 63 years after he’d begun his studies, and yeah, that’s a story.

But not the story you want to start with.

READ MORE HERE – https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/gene-collier/2018/06/04/don-schwall-graduation-oklahoma-pirates-pitcher-gene-collier/stories/201806030081

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