‘Coming Forward Has Broke Me’: #MeToo Movement Comes To Rural Nevada

Melanie Keener stands outside the Storey County Courthouse in Virginia City, Nev., where she now works in a largely undefined security job. After filing a sexual harassment complaint against Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, Keener was removed from her position as the sheriff’s chief deputy.

Maggie Starbard for NPR

Maggie Starbard for NPR

She accused her boss, the sheriff, of harassment. She got demoted. And even though it was one of many allegations against him, he’s still in office.

Gerald Antinoro leads law enforcement in Storey County, Nev., despite accusations of harassment, using racial slurs, misusing government resources, even rape. He denies all of it and has never been prosecuted, but an internal investigation found he did harass then-Chief Deputy Melanie Keener. But only Antinoro still has his job.

It’s hard when you know that your law enforcement career is over and the person who ended your career is walking around like a little hero,” Keener says. “Nothing he has done ever catches up to him.”




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