Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Proposes State Budget that Would Slow School Privatization


Wisconsin’s new governor, Tony Evers released a budget plan on Tuesday that confronts the school privatization agenda of former Governor Scott Walker and what remains a Republican-dominated Wisconsin Legislature.  Wisconsin has been a leader among the states which have favored the expansion of private school tuition voucher programs and charter schools.

For the Associated Press, Scott Bauer quotes Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald: “Republicans in the Legislature have spent years helping build the voucher program… We will not support a budget that includes this proposal.”

Wisconsin’s Milwaukee Voucher Program launched the nation’s experiment with school privatization nearly three decades ago.  Whether or not Evers succeeds in curbing what has been Wisconsin’s persistent expansion of vouchers and charters, his budget proposal names many of the ways Wisconsin’s expansion of school privatization has violated the public interest.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s Molly Beck describes Evers’ plan: “About 28,000 students…

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