In swell of downsizing, a decision to move on

For the past decade or so, I’ve seen my career as sort of a race to get to retirement before being swept up in the next round of layoffs.

I came close. I even set a retirement date, November 2020. Elections have always been one of my favorite parts of the job, and I wanted to keep working through one more. But even as I was explaining my plans, I couldn’t help but observe out loud, “Nobody else in this business gets to call their own shot. I don’t know what makes me think I’m special.”

It turns out that I’m not special.

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Long-Time School Privatizer, Cory Booker Enters 2020 Race as Democratic Presidential Contender

Excellent recap on candidate Booker. He’s no friend of public education.


Public education policy is not usually something on which Presidential candidates have a solid record. They make their cases on foreign, economic, and environmental policy. The future of public schools makes it into the Party platforms but rarely becomes a candidate’s make-or-break issue.

However, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who, last Friday, declared himself a Democratic candidate for President in 2020, has a long record of projects that threaten public education.  Cory Booker has been a leader in the effort to privatize public education for nearly two decades.

Most recently as mayor of Newark, New Jersey from 2006-2013, he collaborated with New Jersey’s Republican Governor, Chris Christie on an idea for a charter school transformation for the city’s schools. In her 2015 book, The Prize, Dale Russakoff summarizes the Booker-Christie scheme: “One of the goals was to ‘make Newark the charter school capital of the nation.’ The plan…

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