4 Must Haves for Black Lives Matter at School Week!

Black Lives Matter at School means ending the school-to-prison pipeline, funding more counselors than cops, hiring more Black educators, and teaching Black history and ethnic studies. The Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action begins on February 4 and we want you to be ready!

Be a part of the amazing work that is going on around the country to transform education. Here are 4 ways to show your support:

✔ Grim Jackson breaks it down for us – check out and share this video. #edjustice #blacklivesmatteratschool

✔ Download & Display the Black Lives Matter at School poster

(share a pic on social media)

✔ Follow and post to the hashtags #blacklivesmatteratschool and #edjustice

✔ Learn more ways to take action – get the toolkit here

Join the movement to bring critical reflection, honest conversations, and systemic change on the issues that impact racial justice in education.

In Solidarity,

Stephanie & The NEA Ed Justice Team

NEA EdJustice
United States

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