CURMUDGUCATION: OK Legislator To Teachers: Shut The Hell Up

Saturday, January 26, 2019

OK Legislator To Teachers: Shut The Hell Up

Oklahoma has worked hard to get itself in the front of the pack of States Most Hostile To Public Education. Maybe not number one (relax, Florida), but right up there. Ultra-low teacher pay. Slack charter rules. The kind of state where the idea for improving education is to gear it more toward providing meat widgets for employers. The kind of state where a serious idea about improving teacher pay is to fire half the teachers and give their money to the remaining teachers, who will all teach twice as many students.

So it wasn’t a huge surprise last year when teachers in the state walked out. While they didn’t get everything they wanted, they were still confident that they has sent a message to the legislature.

Apparently some legislators misunderstood the message.

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Bus Driver’s ‘Bucket Of Books’ Is An Idea Every School Should Try

Any opportunity a kid gets to read is a good thing. While schools and parents try to do their part to get kids reading in school and at home, one clever bus driver found a creative way to get them reading on the bus — and it all happened by accident.

“Special Education teacher Julie Callison of the Drew Central School District in Arkansas found out how much some of the students like to read after she was cleaning out books in her classroom one day to take on vacation and brought them with her on the bus ride home.

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