Jan. 21, 1848: North Star Publishes Editorial on War with Mexico – Zinn Education Project

“We beseech our countrymen to leave off this horrid conflict, abandon their murderous plans, and forsake the way of blood. Peradventure our country may yet be saved. Let the press, the pulpit, the church, the people at large, unite at once; and let petitions flood the halls of Congress by the million, asking for the instant recall of our forces from Mexico.” — The North Star editorial #tdih 1848, against the U.S. war with Mexico.

On the link below, there is a Voices of a People’s History of the United Statesvideo clip of actor Benjamin Bratt reading an excerpt from the editorial. Also, find resources to teach about the Abolition Movement, the U.S. war against Mexico, and the media.


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