Next School Year, Ohio Is Likely to Expand Vouchers and Charters Based on School Report Cards


For a long time the state of Ohio has used its school report cards, derived primarily from the aggregate standardized test scores from particular schools and school districts, as the measure of educational quality.  Ohio follows up with punitive measures for the low scoring schools and districts. Next school year, Ohio is likely to crack down and impose punishments on far more school districts.

In last Sunday’s Plain Dealer, Patrick O’Donnell reported that after imposing tougher tests based on the Common Core Standards in 2015, Ohio created a “safe harbor” for school districts to adjust to the new tests. As the 2019-2020 school year begins, however, that safe harbor will expire.  O’Donnell warns about a radical expansion of school choice as the number of schools and school districts with low test scores jumps:

“Ohio has long made school choice options like charter schools and vouchers… dependent on how well…

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