Cancer incidence and mortality rates decline, but not for poor Americans

In 2016, the overall cancer death rate was about 20 percent higher for those who live in the poorest counties compared with residents of the most affluent counties.

Covering viral research: Tips from Harvard’s ‘Six french fries” professor

Harvard University nutrition scientist Eric Rimm reflects on his viral comments about the ideal number of french fries, offering pointers for how to cover research that’s already getting a lot of media attention.

The Meaning of the Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike


Yesterday 30,000 Los Angeles school teachers went on strike. The Los Angeles Unified School District is the nation’s second largest, with 600,000 students enrolled in 900 schools.

The school district has been merely inching up its offers to more fully staff the meager institutions teachers have been describing—huge classes, inadequate student support, and a lack of enrichment staff.  But the District’s offer remains paltry. California’s schools have been underfunded since 1978, when Proposition 13 froze property taxes, and the situation has reached a level parents and teachers in most middle class communities would not tolerate.  The Los Angeles TimesHoward Blume reported on Friday: “The latest offer would provide a full-time nurse at every elementary school and lower class sizes by about two students at middle schools.  It builds on a proposal from Monday, in which the district also offered a small decrease in class sizes.  In that…

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