Journalist’s Resource:    Research on today’s news

Local news and civic accountability: 5 questions for Setti Warren

Setti Warren, the former mayor of Newton, Massachusetts, is now the executive director of the Shorenstein Center. We sat down with him to get his thoughts on what happens to a community when there aren’t journalists covering city hall. “We are in danger  ,” he said.

Toxic waste sites and environmental justice: Research roundup

Often, those most at risk of living near toxic waste sites are low income or racial or ethnic minorities. Over the past few decades, researchers have looked into exactly where these sites are located, and the demographics of neighboring communities. Check out the latest scholarship.

7 ways to access academic research for free

Journalists sometimes have trouble finding the research they need because many academic journals keep the published work of scholars and research organizations behind paywalls. This new tip sheet
 outlines seven ways reporters can get access to that knowledge without spending any money.

Reporting on immigration? Choose your sources responsibly

Define American is a nonprofit media and culture organization working to change the narrative about immigration in the United States. Their latest campaign, #SourcesMatter, pushes the news media to reconsider the ways they achieve balance

in stories on immigration. The main message of the campaign: Choose your sources responsibly.


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