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Facebook and the newsroom: 6 questions for Siva Vaidhyanathan

Media scholar Siva Vaidhyanathan shares his thoughts on how reporters can do a better job covering Facebook and its influence on the lives of billions of people worldwide. In an interview with Journalist’s Resource, he argues that “journalism is feeding the beast that’s starving it — the more that journalists pander to Facebook … the more that Facebook becomes the governing mechanism to journalism.”

3 quick tips for debunking hoaxes in a hurricane

Reporters covering natural disasters can expect to contend not only with the weather, but also an onslaught of mis- and disinformation. We’ve pulled together a few tips and resources  to help sort what’s real and newsworthy from what’s fake.

Hospital mergers may lead to higher health care costs

Research by UCLA economist Matt Schmitt offers new insights
 for policymakers and consumer advocates to consider as an increasing number of local and regional hospitals get gobbled up by larger health care providers based hundreds of miles away. Chris Fleisher of the American Economic Association explains.

Ig Nobel Prizes go to research on employee retaliation, self-colonoscopy

Burning and stabbing voodoo dolls gives employees who’ve been mistreated by their bosses a feeling of justice, according to new research led by Lindie Liang of Wilfrid Laurier University. The study was one of 10 recognized at the 2018 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, which also honored research on topics such as smelling flies in wine, the nutritional content of human flesh and self-colonoscopies.


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