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‘Where there is more rape culture in the press, there is more rape’

Rape occurs more often in communities where the news media reflects “rape culture” — in which the coverage can be interpreted as showing empathy for the accused and blame for victims, according to a new study

published in the Quarterly Journal of Political Science.

Lead in drinking water: Key facts and reporting tips

“It’s in some ways a technically challenging story,” Anna Clark, journalist and author of “The Poisoned City,” said about the Flint water crisis. “Reporting on this myself, there was a lot I had to learn about the safe drinking water law, how water testing works, what corrosion control is, the different wording for parts of a drinking water system.”

Maternal death rate lowered in California, but racial disparity remains

After the launch of an initiative to reduce maternal mortality in California, which focused on preventing death caused by hemorrhage and preeclampsia, the maternal death rate fell from an average of 13.1 per 100,000 live births from 2005 to 2009 to 7.0 between 2011 and 2013, according to new research in Health Affairs.

School peanut bans don’t appear to reduce allergic reactions 

Massachusetts school policies that ban students from bringing peanuts from home or require classrooms to be “peanut free” have no effect on the rate at which school nurses administer epinephrine to kids who are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts, finds a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.


New Report: How Big Money Has Been Swinging Elections Against Public Education


In a fine new report, the Network for Public Education Action exposes, “how the super rich buy elections to undermine public schools.” The report presents nine case studies—in Newark, New Jersey; Washington state; Los Angeles; Perth Amboy, New Jersey; Louisiana; Rhode Island; Minneapolis; New York; and Denver—where billionaire dollars have been carefully invested to buy elections and promote the privatization of public education.

Who are the people investing their fortunes in privatizing public schools? The report, Hijacked by Billionaires, begins with profiles of the people who have either donated more than a million dollars to candidates or political committees or have contributed to at least three of the nine elections profiled in the case studies. The report’s index of billionaires includes Netflix’s Reed Hastings; the Walton family, founders of Walmart, and including Alice Walton, Jim Walton, Carrie Walton Penner, Greg Penner, and Steuart Walton; Donald and Doris Fisher…

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