Arizona Supreme Court Blocks Ballot Initiative to Fund Public Education

In 1848 a committee report to the State Senate of Ohio emphasized that taxation paid for “social order” [JSOH]:

Rightful taxation is the price of social order. In other words, it is that portion of the citizen’s property which he yields up to the government in order to provide for the protection of all the rest. It is not to be wantonly levied on the citizen, nor levied at all except in return for benefits conferred.


Paying taxes for the common good.  What a novel idea these days—and something blocked last week by the Arizona Supreme Court.  Failing to connect the taxes we pay with what the money buys, many of us find it easy to object to more taxes, but the case of Arizona makes the arithmetic clear.  After slashing taxes for years, Arizona doesn’t have enough money to pay for public schools and universities.  Not enough for the barest essentials.

New York Magazine‘s Ed Kilgore describes last week’s decision by the Arizona Supreme Court to kill Invest in Ed, a ballot initiative intended to shore up public school funding in revenue-poor Arizona: “In a stunning development that short-circuited a debate that was shaping the midterm elections in a competitive state, the Arizona Supreme Court struck down a November ballot initiative designed to increase taxes on the wealthiest citizens and devote the proceeds…

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