In Funny Column, Gail Collins Explains Sad Subject of DeVos’s Deregulation of For-Profit Colleges

Well, if all this deregulation ends of scaring off prospective students and drives them back to their local public community colleges, that will be a huge benefit to one and all.


The NY Times‘ Gail Collins puts into perfect perspective the subject of the Trump administration’s deregulation of for-profit colleges and trade schools.  She begins, “Today let’s talk about the evil deeds of Betsy DeVos… (O)ur secretary of education has been busy, working to protect for-profit colleges from their students… Probably the first secretary of education with a $40 million family yacht that’s registered in the Cayman Islands, presumably to avoid American taxes.”

Collins emphasizes the irony: “We keep being told that Donald Trump was elected because working-class Americans were worried that their kids wouldn’t be able to move up in the world.  And now DeVos is making it easier for those very same kids to be cheated when they try to prepare for a career.”

Here is Collins making very understandable the tangled background of DeVos’s recent action on the for-profit colleges: “The Obama administration worked very hard to…

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