Betsy DeVos and the Covert Privatization of Grand Rapids Public Schools: Part II

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

(The following three part series, was written by Jack Prince. Jack is a retired educator with 30 years experience on the High School and college level. He spent 10 years as a teacher with the Grand Rapids Public Schools.)

On May 7th a group of protestors, special education parents from the Disability A Team, challenged GRPS board members to explain their position on how their public superintendent could support Betsy DeVos, the most anti public school secretary of education in history.  This challenge came after reading Neal’s quote, “Neal thinks DeVos can hold up GRPS as a model of what can be done at other struggling districts.”  “She knows education.”  “She knows what it’s going to take in order for our kids to be helped.”  Neal sees the politically conservative family’s focus on education as their commitment to the, “greater social good”. 

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